Friday, February 15, 2008

"DAY 1" President

Hillary Clinton has campaigned on the notion that she is better prepared and it hasn't resonated. Hillary is no more "better prepared" to be president from having slept under a president than Bill is "blacker than Barack" — as Andy "Sell-Out" Young claims — from having slept with more Black women. Sex is a powerful tool, but it isn't a political panacea!

Additionally, despite the other so-called Black leaders support of Hillary, their constituency has voted overwhelmingly for Barack. This is a clear indication that they don't represent their citizenry. Their allegiance is to the ones they owe "political favors" to INSTEAD of what their constituency — the ones they purport to represent — want them to do. THAT is why Maxine Waters' support of Clinton is so troubling. She is also a super delegate who SHOULD vote therefore as HER VOTERS VOTE!!!!

And relative to "preparedness", all Americans are acutely aware that all remaining candidates on all sides are excellent leaders and exceptionally prepared for the office they seek. What Black, White, Brown, Red, and Yellow leadership in America are unaware of in terms the TRUE desires of their constituency; what the American public is hungry for; what Barack Obama has made us believe in -- this is the true magic. He is the only candidate that makes us ALL feel like he will fight FOR us and AGAINST big business. Will tilt the balance of power from the few to the many. Will be a true representative of the people instead of a mere "lesser of two evils"!

Will he actually be like the rest? Who knows? Maybe we just trust grassroots organizers as being more in tune with the needs of the people. Maybe they really are. But the magic here is that Barack Obama has convinced America that he is for the interests of the common man. And not even our so-called leaders, political favors in hand, seem able to change that perception!

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