Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Controlling Israel

The recent arrest and detention of former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney and 20 others aboard the “Spirit of Humanity” by the Israeli Navy raises serious concerns. It’s easy to dismiss this event as the result of the former lawmaker meddling where she doesn’t belong. And maybe I’m not so dismissive because I have long admired this woman for her championing the causes of the least of these -- something President Obama used to do when he was a community organizer. Of course, that was before his desire to help the least of these was replaced by his desire to just maintain power. But I guess power is intoxicating. Since I’ve never had it, I wouldn’t know.

Two points I would like to make here. The first is that the internment of Palestinians by Israeli terrorists is equally as cruel as the “Black Holocaust” of slavery and colonialization. And to ask these people to “denounce violence” as President Obama suggests is tantamount to asking Nat Turner, et al not to participate in insurrections but to instead wait until Massa’s conscience weighed on him. One should be able to understand the urgency of removing a foot from one’s neck. Breathing is fundamental!

I realize that our President is not the descendant of slaves -- as most African-Americans are. But the Ghanaian friends that I have here realize that the colonialization of Africa and the offshore enslavement of Africans are both the same animal. Only the venue is different. Perhaps the President actually talked to some Ghanaians about this matter during his recent visit. Perhaps his better half, Michelle, can draw these parallels more cogently.

The second point is in response to this notion that Israeli sovereignty precludes the U.S. from affecting any of their foreign policy decisions. Now, I could choose more acceptable verbiage and say this in a more politically correct way. I’m somewhat intelligent, educated, cultured, etc. -- and I have a thesaurus. But I have to call this exactly what it is. It’s BULLSHIT!!! Typically I’m not so “raw”, but there is something incendiary about people “pissing in your face and calling it rain!” I mean, you know it’s urine, but their attitude is that you should believe them over your lying senses of smell and taste.

Former President Jimmy Carter, at one juncture, tried to postulate the same point in his book: “Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid”. On page 102 he writes, relative to America’s inability to cajole Israel into doing the proper things that the American government supposedly would like for them to do:

“…I might add that the Saudis and many others greatly overestimate the influence of the United States, and they never understand why we cannot “deliver” our own friends in the Middle East when it suits our purposes."
This is complete crap. Israel has prevailed in conflict after conflict not because God is on their side. They have prevailed because America is on their side -- courtesy of superior weaponry. They’re not better soldiers -- they are better armed, courtesy of our tax dollars. And in this new age of information, all global citizens are aware of it. Thus, my beloved country incurs the hatred and wrath of those who would dare to love her if she only “said what she meant, and meant what she said”. Instead she continues the outdated strategy of attempting to control media content, call urine rain, and convince all to believe it. So sad!

But Carter recounted an incident in “Palestine” that completely obviates the notion that America can’t utterly control Israeli actions. In a court of law, it would be the proverbial “smoking gun” that convicts the accused. Recalling the year 1991 and the George H. W. Bush White House, he writes on pages 130-132:

“Still Israel put confiscation of Palestinian land ahead of peace, provoking an official White House statement: ‘The United States has opposed, and will continue to oppose, settlement activity in territories occupied in 1967, which remain an obstacle to peace.’ From the State department, Secretary Baker added, ‘I don’t think there is any greater obstacle to peace than settlement activity that continues not only unabated but at an advanced pace.’ As further proof of his seriousness, President George H. W. Bush demanded a freeze on settlement housing being built or planned, especially a large complex between Jerusalem and Bethlehem. When he finally threatened to withhold a portion of the $10 million daily aid package (emphasis added), plus loan guarantees, from the United States, the Israeli government complied and the U.S. grants and loans were approved -- but with a deduction of $400 million, the amount that Israel already had spent on settlement activity…”
No, the fact is that America has complete control over what Israel does. If we withheld money, threatened to even the playing/fighting field via arms sales to their adversaries, stopped using our United Nations’ veto power on their behalf, Israel would be literally under our thumb. The whole world knows that their very survival is contingent upon their connection to our umbilical cord -- that it is we that prop them up and not God, though we blame it on him. And they all hate us for it -- even the ones who feign affection just to be near the seat of power. Hell, many slaves pretended to love Massa as well -- because of the power he wielded. But all the while they waited for the opportunity to slash his throat.

If we were true to our ideology we wouldn’t have to buy friends -- like Pakistan, whose daily millions rival the millions paid to Israel. And to think that we just gave Israel $2.7 billion while refusing a cent to the state of California and waffling on health care reform? A bit baffling, isn’t it?

We have all the tools we need for peace in the Middle East and subsequent peace for America. We just need the will to use them.

Now all I have to do is avoid being arrested for violation of the Global antisemitism Review Act that Dubya signed in 2004. Since antisemitism is defined by many as any criticism of Israel or Jewish peoples, I could be in trouble.

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